Referral Agent Services

We help you find a new Real Estate agent!

I protect and promote the real estate interests of people all across the USA that want to relocate by helping them find the very best real estate agents.

Need to sell your home AND/ OR want to buy in another location, BUT you don’t have an agent there yet? We want to help!
  • Interviewing real estate agents for you, your family or friends, are part of our referral services! Hire an agent that is a “best fit” for you. Matching personalities and experiences with you, your situation and needs will be incredibly valuable.
  • Monitoring and liaison actions throughout your selling, or buying, process are also some of our referral services!
  • Let us help make your move as stress free as possible.

Christenson & Associates, LLC

Favorite View Painting
Favorite View Paintings

Interested in getting your favorite view into a high resolution, printable, matted and framed digital painting for your home? Dave has provided these as thank you gifts to clients but you can order one for yourself, or as a gift for somebody else!

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