First Responders

First Responders include firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical professionals. They are all VERY special people. These incredibly dedicated responders serve others on the worst day of their lives and are usually the first people arriving to help. First Responders train hard to serve effectively. They can’t always save everybody, but they try, over and over again.

Structural firefighter respondersResponder Extraction From Motor VehicleThese photos courtesy of Ziemba Photographic Arts. Please visit Roni’s website.
She does awesome work for the 1st Responder community of practice.

Responder Field RescueTrauma Center Surgery RespondersThe men and women that have chosen to serve others in these demanding First Responder careers deserve special service.

My family is a Public Safety First Responder Family!

I am blessed to have several in my immediate family serving as structural firefighters, a law enforcement officer, in addition to a flight paramedic and a flight nurse on rescue helicopters here in Arizona. I hear their stories and am amazed at how they keep going back, shift after shift, continuously trying to help more people.

Wildland Firefighter

My continuing opportunities to serve!

After my military career, I had the honor and privilege of working with wildland firefighters. They often save lives and property from not only forest fires. They also send interagency incident management teams out to help communities overwhelmed by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and even terrorist attacks.

When we help first responders with buying or selling a home, our real estate company gives them the best opportunities to create stable home lives in safe neighborhoods with excellent schools. The quality of their lives at home, off duty, impacts their readiness to serve when they’re on duty. We strive to be part of that “home front” solution.