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David Christenson, REALTOR®

David Christenson, REALTOR®

Teamwork is key to my success! At home, work, and throughout the many stages of my career, teamwork has been a central theme.

I have enjoyed living in Oro Valley, Arizona since 2002. My wife Tanya and I have teamed up to build a home and a life in beautiful Rancho Vistoso.

I became active in my community by joining the Oro Valley Optimist Club but still enjoy working with local firefighters on continuous improvement of human performance, relational leadership, and teamwork development.

My career in Arizona began with building the interagency Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (LLC) at the National Advanced Fire & Resources Institute in Tucson. Teamwork among the small LLC staff has had a huge impact for firefighters and incident management teams on a global scale.

Previously I served as a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force. There I built teams of jet aircraft maintenance specialists working with weapons-loaded fighter aircraft on 5-minute alert in Europe. I was promoted ahead of my peers under a new system offering Stripes To Exceptional Performers (STEPS) for leadership excellence.

During my professional life I’ve had incredible travel and study opportunities that often enhanced relational leadership and teamwork skills development.

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Today I am interested in learning all that I can about the real estate profession. It is fascinating. There are so many ways to explore and specialize in different areas. I discovered that I can get a very in-depth education from the 1,000+ professionals at this largest locally owned realty organization Southern Arizona, Tierra Antigua Realty.

Tony Ray Baker, REALTOR® and Teamwork Coach/mentor

Currently I hang my license with the Tucson Downtown Office of Tierra Antigua Realty. There Tony Ray Bakeris an amazing group of people that focus on developing effective teamwork throughout that office.

One has become my mentorTony Ray with Iguana  and I have been tapping into Tony Ray Baker’s 24-years of experience as a REALTOR®, special skills in the use of technologies, and wisdom in the art of helping people as an authentic person. He inspires teamwork and continuous improvement.

Yes, that is an Iguana on his head! People see this image on his signs everywhere in Tucson, and they remember Tony Ray Baker! Learn more about Tony Ray at:

Raquel Cooley, Loan Officer – NOVA Home Loans

Raquel Cooley, Loan Officer - NOVA Home LoansNOVA Loan Officer team members look after your best interests and are adept at guiding clients. The steps needed to resolve credit problems or other unforeseen issues that might slow down the loan approval are this team member’s specialty.

Raquel understands the priorities and concerns of the underwriters who are responsible for approving your loan.

NOVA HOME LOANS has served the needs of homeowners and homebuyers since 1980 and are able to originate loans in 12 states.

Efficiency and teamwork are the keys to accelerated loan delivery. Nova Home Loan applications are handled in-house from start to finish. This eliminates the need to ship your application around the country for underwriting, approval and document preparation. More information