Why rent when you can own?

Aren’t you tired of paying rent without getting anything back? Why not pay a mortgage instead and start building equity in your own home?

Now is a great time to consider the advantages of home ownership. I am a REALTOR® specializing in helping first-time home buyers. The team I work with includes experts in helping people paying rent just like you!

Rent OR New House Keys

Why not give us a call and we can talk about finding your dream home? There are many home loan programs available for first-time homebuyers. I partner with some great Mortgage Brokers that specialize in low or no down payment options.

There are many exciting things happening in the current real estate market in Tucson, and since you are considering the purchase of a home, I would like to earn your business.

Home ownership – Only a dream?

You may have heard that owning your own home is one of the best investments a person can make. You live rent free in an asset that appreciates over time. And best of all, it’s yours!

If you are paying $900 or more each month in rent, you could probably be buying your own home! It’s a good time to check it out and make a move!

Renter’s Frequently Asked Questions

Renter to Owner FAQs

Step #1 – call us or send an email.

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