My team and I can help you as sellers work through the 7-step process of selling your home. By taking one step at a time, we’ll make this happen together.

Real Estate for Sellers as a 7-Step Process

1. Determining The Costs

Careful spending on the marketing of your home can result in a higher profit at the end of the transaction.

2. Preparing Your Home

My team and I can help you discover the best ways to invest your energy—and your cash, so together they bring the highest possible purchase price.

3. Setting The Price

Sellers - Couple selling their homePricing your home “appropriately” from the beginning is critical to getting it sold quickly and at the best seller price.

Your home is worth what the market will bear at this time. I will provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) so that understanding of today’s market will be clear.

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4. Sellers Marketing Strategy

Personal knowledge you have could provide me as your REALTOR® with special information about what you love best about your home and community. This information will be incorporated into your seller marketing materials.

5. Offers & Negotiations

Negotiation is a complex matter and all transactions are unique. Both sides – buyer and seller – want to feel that the outcome favors them, or at least represents a fair balance ofSellers - Couple discussing the sale of their home interests.

My team and I can provide you with information and strategies to best navigate the market in your favor.

6. Escrow

In the home buying process, escrow opens when the buyers and sellers sign a House keys and mortgage paperworkpurchase agreement and the buyers put down a deposit.

Escrow protects all parties involved by making sure that no funds or properties change hands until all conditions in the agreement have been met.

7. Closing

I will be able to guide you through the closing process. Repairs and deadlines will be met. Your transaction will close on time. You will be satisfied with the results.

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